Kids Have a lot of Stuff

Hello, and welcome to Tiny Stampede! If you haven’t read the About Me section, here’s a little bit about myself: My name is Leslie Bixenmann, and I have four kids. We just moved from Cincinnati to Lincoln, Nebraska about a year ago, and are happy to call this home. Like a lot of you, our lives are crazy busy juggling four little people. We truly have a tiny stampede running through our house from 6:30am (ugh!) to 8:00pm. My oldest, Maddie, is eight, and is entering third grade in August. My second, Will, just turned five, and is doing Pre-k for a second year. Summer birthday’s are tricky! Number three, Mae, will be three at the end of July. Number four, Henry, is just about twenty-two months. Clothing four kids for four different seasons is no joke. When it comes to outfitting these little people, online shopping is my best friend, and free shipping/returns is my true BFF. With all other aspects of my life, Amazon Prime is my soul mate.
With all of the components of kids, clothing is really just the tip of the iceberg. With four birthdays and four kids to buy for at Christmas, etc, we collect a lot of kid stuff. My goal with this blog is to bring you great finds, at affordable prices, with some splurges in-between. I appreciate your support, and am touched and delighted you took the time to read this. Please feel free to find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. All three are linked directly at the bottom of the page. xoxo, Leslie

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