Matilda Jane + Twirly Dresses = Happy Little Girls

Mae-MJ-Dress-683x1024 Matilda Jane + Twirly Dresses = Happy Little Girls

Mae-MJ-Dress-683x1024 Matilda Jane + Twirly Dresses = Happy Little GirlsMae-MJ-Dress-683x1024 Matilda Jane + Twirly Dresses = Happy Little Girls

Mae is a sucker for anything twirly. If it doesn’t twirl, forget it. I attended a Matilda Jane trunk show a few months ago, and we were not leaving without this dress on order. She wears this little number several days a week, and I often times have to hide it so I can wash it. Matilda Jane is currently having their Good Luck Trunk SALE at These clothes wash and wear well (I line dry all of our MJ), and the unique designs and pattern combos always have me surfing their site at the beginning of the month. What’s also unique about MJ is that they slowly release clothing over the course of the season.  Release days are at the first of the month, so you can always find something new! If you’re looking for a trunk keeper, Alisa Pinkerton, Trunk Keeper #850, is who I use.  She’s pretty fabulous! I have ordered a few sale items through the website without having to know a trunk keeper, but for everything else, you need a trunk keeper. Don’t let not knowing a trunk keeper keep you from purchasing. It drove me away at first, but I then learned that you can type in your zip code on the MJ website (super easy!), and they’ll find one for you, even if it’s 11:00 at night…which is when I do the most of my online shopping. The majority of our MJ collection that we have was on sale from their website Matilda Jane is having their Good Luck Trunk SALE from now until July 17th. Select styles are featured and on sale on different days until the 17th. Sizes are limited, so if you have your eye on something, I’d grab it sooner than later. I’ve linked the dress featured, along with a few others that I thought were darling! So many to choose from! Enjoy! xo, Leslie

Featured Dress // Matilda Jane

Dress // MJ – Bailey Lap Dress

Dress // MJ – Antonia Lap Dress

Dress // MJ – Delectable Goodies Dress

Dress // MJ – Sand Dollar Dress

Skirt (both girls have this and it’s only $12!) // MJ – Gilded Greens Skirt

Shirt (both girls have this and it matches everything) // Slate Short sleeve Tee

Top // Oh So Lovely Top

Shoes // Target

Another Cute Shoe Option // Target

Headband – Similar // Here and Here

Flower Pot // Here and Here

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