Boys Winter Essentials Under $50

Boys-Winter-Essentials Boys Winter Essentials Under $50

Boys Winter Essentials

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How cute are these boys winter essentials?!  Every item shown above is 30% to 50% off, and under $50.  Old Navy and Gap Kids are having an early access Black Friday sale until 11/18.  If you’re a cardmember you get 50% off your entire purchase, if not, you still get 40%.  This includes sale items.  Not all the items linked are from Gap and Old Navy, but you should check out their sale, no matter who you’re shopping for.  The black/white flannel bomber jacket (#1) is sherpa lined for extra warmth, and is only $22.19!  The North Face vest is 33% off, and the cream cable knit sweater (#9) is 50% off.  Personally, I have my eye on the cream sweater for the boys to wear for Christmas.  The jeans (#10) are under $15 and lined, which always makes me feel better when my kids go outside to play when it’s freezing out (what they consider freezing, and what I consider freezing are two different things!).  The striped thermal is under $5 (what?!) and comes in 3 colors.

Does anyone else’s kid still try to put on shorts every morning?  We have strict negotiations happening every day about when, specifically during the day, my 3 year old can wear shorts.  The answer should be never, but he’s my 4th, and I honestly don’t really care.  So, if you come to my house and my toddler is wearing shorts when it’s 25 degrees out, it’s because I gave up (It’s worth noting that I only let him wear the shorts inside.  He must wear pants out of the house).

I hope you take advantage of these great savings!  Happy shopping! xo, Leslie

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